“Chupacabra”? Miami Suburb Falls In Love With Mysterious Animal

A small white animal that some think resembles a fox has become something like an urban legend in Miami Shores.

The animal probably is a fox but it has no tail and is stark white, giving credence to the idea that it could be some sort of hybrid animal.

It has been spotted for months in different parts of the northern Miami suburb and is suspected by some residents to live on the local golf course.

There are a number of red foxes that live in the neighborhood but none of them come close to the unique appearance of this one.

Bengy Cid, a Shores resident posted this picture of the animal on the Miami Shores Village People Facebook page:


What could it be? Photo Credit: Bengy Cid/ Facebook

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s a fox,” Miami Shores resident Jorge Diaz said on the neighborhood Facebook group. “…we see him almost every evening by our house… Looks like the poor little guy lost his tail and a portion of his ear…. He seems gentle although he never gets too close.”

However at least one Miami Shores resident joked on the online forum that the animal was a “Chupacabra“, the mythical creature thought to attack animals and people.

We’re going to send the link to this piece to Zoo Miami guru Ron Magill to get an expert opinion. We’ll update this piece if we hear back from him.

In the meantime, what do you think it is?

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Cover Photo Credit: Bengy Cid‎/Facebook

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