London Just Did Something Incredibly Historic

While America is focused on the Donald Trump circus currently gripping the Republican Party, the people of London just did something few would have thought possible in past years.

Sadiq Khan, a leading Labour Party politician was elected as Mayor of one of the world’s oldest and largest cities. He will be the first Muslim to hold the post.

The election is critical for many political reasons- it will be the first time that Labour controls London in eight years, but Khan’s election holds particular importance due to his religious beliefs.

According to Salon, Khan will be the first Muslim to ever be the mayor of a major Western city.

His election comes at a time of increased tensions among politicians in Western democracies and Muslim minority communities.

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States has called for a “complete and total” ban of Muslim immigration to the country until America can get a handle on what he perceives is a crisis.

Trump’s last major opponent in the Republican primary, Ted Cruz has also called for American police to surveil Muslim communities, something that many law enforcement experts have rebuffed as a stupid idea.

Khan’s election was not a sure thing as he faced a brutal onslaught of negative campaign messaging from his main opponent, Conservative Party candidate Zac Goldsmith.

Some election observers called Goldsmith’s campaign racist due to the way in which it sought to question Khan’s connection to a radical Islamic cleric (it turned out that Goldsmith had a similar relationship to the man in question) and for how it accused Khan of “giving platform, oxygen and cover to extremists”.

Goldsmith’s own sister called out her brother’s campaign for the way in which it was conducted:

Khan has been a member of the British Parliament since 2005 and comes from a modest background.

The son of Pakistani immigrants, his father was a bus driver in the same city that Khan will now lead for the next four years.

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