This Guy Is About To Burn A Confederate Flag On Memorial Day To Prove A Big Point About Racism

A Florida artist is organizing the burning and the burying of the Confederate flag today at 2 PM EST in order to celebrate Memorial Day in a unique way.

According to Mic, John Sims is a Sarasota based artist who has previously approached the stars and bars in his art, and organized a similar event last year.

The meaning of said burnings are to address the history behind the Confederate flag.

“It is a way to ritualistically confront through reflection and catharsis, the pain and trauma of a very horrific part of American history.” Sims told Think Progress.

The event has not been without its detractors.

A group named Sons of Confederate Veterans questioned the burning’s timing in 2015.

“To me, it represents the flags my ancestors fought and died under on the field of war,” Tom Strain Jr. told WTOC.

Sims has made the project accessible for people with a stream and a kit that contains items such as John Sims’ Gettysburg Redress and a Confederate flag to print out and burn for those who cannot or are inclined against buying a Confederate flag.

Sims will be broadcasting his burning and burial of the Confederate Flag at 2 P.M. EST.


Cover Photo Credit:edward stojakovic/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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