Totally Ethnik: The African Fashion Brand That Is Proud To Be Both African And “Ethnic”

By Nate Nkumbu

When people think of fashion in Sub-Saharan Africa, they often think of clothing that is passed down from family members or hand me downs donated by the West.

But one fashion brand from the continent seeks to change those Western notions.

Totally Ethnik is a fashion company based in Accra, Ghana and they are real path breakers.

As a brand, the company mostly makes their clothes from local sources coming from Ghana, Mali and the Ivory Coast.


According to Totally Ethnik’s public relations representative Marie Kipre, the main force behind the clothing line is for their looks to be as real as they can be to the cultural identity of Ghana.

“We keep our clothing as ethnic as possible,” Kipre said in an email to RISE NEWS. “We use wax prints [a] lot however, we fuse it with other fabric depending on the idea we want to portray with each piece.”

Kipre said that the company don’t deal with many problems being a being a fashion brand based in Africa.

However, she did say that the biggest obstacle that they face is getting the product to the global market.

“Our designs are authentic and truly ethnic making our clients satisfied anytime they wear our clothes,” Kipre said. “Our challenge is being able to get our clothing to other countries and be able to secure chain shops that will be interested in stocking our cloths.”


According to the World Bank, Ghana is the 114th most difficult business climate in the world with very high import and export costs and a difficult trade relationship with other countries in the region including Nigeria.

But despite some of these structural difficulties, Totally Ethnik is plugging ahead and making progress into being a widely known fashion brand.

“African fashion has been accepted all over world now and continues to grow and Totally Ethnik as a brand is one that people will love to be associated with,” Kipre said.

To learn more about Totally Ethnik, you can visit their website:

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