I Can’t Stand Donald Trump. But The Violence Against His Supporters Is Wrong

The culture of protest in America is out of control.

As someone that does not support Donald Trump, it angers me to see the violence at these Trump rallies.

It peaked yesterday in San Jose, California.

It makes the opposition to Trump look undignified, and also gives the Trump movement more momentum and ammunition on which to further divide the country.

When you see protesters burning the U.S. flag and waving the Mexican flag with pride (and yet residing in the U.S. and potentially benefitting from this country), hitting people (sometimes causing them to bleed), and throwing eggs and rocks at supporters and police, you just feel portions of the electorate turning to Trump’s views. 

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The media loves drama, and they love fighting. When the protestors are out, so are the cameras, and the protestors are putting themselves on the world’s stage for everyone to judge.

Many will choose to judge a whole legitimate anti-racist movement on the behavior of a few bad eggs, but the protestors don’t take the time to consider that.

WATCH: Trump supporter egged 

Although Trump supporters can be very violent and abrasive as well, I honestly don’t think it can be compared.

Trump supporters don’t cause riots at Hillary and Bernie rallies.

What happened in Chicago a few months ago is more ambiguous, but the group opposing Trump in the middle of the rally arguably was the catalyst for what happened.

The only people interrupting and protesting Clinton and Sanders rallies seem to be folks from the left. Ironic.

As someone who leans to the left politically, I’m sick and tired of this hyper-liberal knee-jerk tendency to protest.

There are times when protesting is welcome, and necessary. Protesting with integrity and resolve is powerful, and can have impact.

However, that does not mean you find or create things to protest about, nor does it mean you protest every little issue. We’ve seen that on college campuses with disastrous results.

But in the case of the 2016 election, we should be protesting with our vote.

Trump is the GOP nominee, and throwing rocks won’t change it.

If you want to stop Trump, form a pro-active and peaceful coalition, try to increase voter turnout, and get people to the polls. This is democracy at its purest.

The more Trump supporters are harassed, the more Mexican flags waved as American flags burn, and the more violence caused is points scored for Trump.

If Trump wins the election, these violent protestors will get what they deserve but not what they want. 

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Cover Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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