The Flower Project Inspires Women To Find Beauty Within Themselves

Lauren Laveria, a 22 year-old photographer based out of Melbourne, Florida, is creator of The Flower Project, a photo project dedicated to nude art, female empowerment, and sharing personal stories to help women feel more free in their lives. 

Each piece in the project features a girl who is naked and almost completely exposed, except for the flowers she is holding in her hands.

Every photograph is accompanied by a passage written by the model in the photo, telling an anecdote about their past or personal experience they have overcome, like they are writing in an open diary.


Laveria said about the project is “for girls who want to break free from their personal restraints.

“A lot of girls have done it just to face people who have told them that they’re worthless, they’re not worthy of even being loved and doing this helps these girls feel love for themselves,” Laveria said. 



The project started about a year ago when Laveria was working on a different photography project with two friends, a nude portrait that Laveria was excited to do but her friends felt nervous and unsure about it at first.

They were scared about the idea of being so exposed in a photo, but by the time the shoot was over the girls told Laveria how beautiful and comfortable in their bodies she had made them feel.

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Laveria also shared her own experience of posting a nude self-portrait of herself online, something she has done now on her birthday for the past three years.

She was scared at first to share it, but she ended up receiving words of encouragement that made her feel mature and confidant.

“After that I felt if I can help other girls feel this way and actually accept themselves for how they are than that is something I want to do,” Laveria said.


Since then Laveria has posted photographs and stories of one girl every week.

The Facebook page has close to 2,000 followers and is filled with nothing but love for these girls brave enough to share their stories with the world.

Laveria is truly creating a safe space for women to inspire, support, and love one another through encouragement and empowerment for each other.

“I really just want people to read the stories and relate them to their own lives and feel a lot better and realize there are a lot of things that they can do,” Laveria said. 

Year 1 of The Flower Project has finished, and Laveria is currently working on starting up Year 2.

To see her latest work you can follow The Flower Project on Facebook.

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Photo Credits: The Flower Project

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