#ImNotWithHer: Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Speak For All Women

Much ado has been given to Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for President after her giant June 7 primary win in California.

Much of the surrounding publicity is due to her gender and the historic nature of her victory. 

But for some women, Clinton’s victory is more a nightmare than a victory. 

While Clinton considers herself a candidate for women, by putting out items such as “Women Cards” designed to attract female voters and contribute to the supposed historical aspects of the presidential race, and while the media and the outside world make it seem like Clinton is ranking high amongst women and other voters, actual polls show us that the silent majority of females on both sides of political ideologies are not in favor of her possible presidency.

The disdain is of course heavy across swaths of conservative women, who view Hillary Clinton as an unqualified presidential candidate based on personal views on topics ranging from abortion to the tragedy in Benghazi.

Her numbers among conservative women are dramatically low for a candidate that prides herself for being a candidate for the women, with 90 percent of Republican women having an unfavorable view of her, compared to only 9 percent that view her in a favorable light, according to a recent poll.

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While the disdain among females who are Republicans and conservatives is to be expected, the flaky favorability also finds itself on the liberal and independent side, with 68 percent of liberal women supporting her, compared to 30 percent who are not.

Among Independent voting women, only 24 percent find her favorable; while 65 percent view her as unfavorable.

Even after her big win in California, the support among females in the United States was not at a high level, with the #GirlIGuessImWithHer hashtag beginning to trend among disheartened female voters including but not limited to Bernie Sanders fans, which adds even more female disdain towards Clinton and her nomination.

What could be the problem behind Clinton and her campaign that is making women seemingly run away in droves?

Could it be the Benghazi attacks, in which she seemingly gave no care to the way in which those four men died under her vigilance with her famous quote “What difference does it make?”

Could it have to do with the FBI e-mail scandal that just never seems to end? Could it have to do with her callous attitude during her time as a lawyer where she allegedly defended a child rapist that was convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl, even though Clinton knew he was guilty of the crime?

For many women who do not support Clinton, it seems to be a combination of different sets of ideals and different ideas as to why they do not support her.

For me, the biggest things would bleed into her different opinions and ideas on important topics to me, such as the subject of abortion and her seemingly far-left political views.

But more than that is although she was the secretary of state for some time, and although she is the wife of the infamous former president Bill Clinton, she has not made enough of a positive impact and shown that she would be capable of running an entire country.

It is an inspirational goal to look up to, and a female presidency is something that is and should be welcomed in the 21st century.

However, we should not make the mistake of voting for somebody just because of a certain feature; i.e. race, gender, or even religion.

Just because a woman is a woman does not make her certified to run an entire country, especially with the giant mistrust that many American women and men have with Hillary Clinton.

If Americans cannot trust Clinton to tell the truth about her e-mail scandal, nor tell the truth about what happened in Benghazi, how can we have faith that just because she is the first woman president, she will guide America down the right path?

How can we be sure that Americans will be kept as safe as humanly possible, if Clinton is known for such evasive secrecy?

As a young woman voting in the 2016 election, I had hoped that we would see a woman that among other things showed prowess and ability to run this country smoothly.

Unfortunately I, and millions of other American women and men, do not see that ability in Hillary Clinton, and are looking for more than just a symbolic victory.  

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Cover Photo Credit: Quinn Dombrowski/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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About the Author
Alexandra Van Erven has a B.A. in Communications Studies and a minor in English from Florida Atlantic University. Her interests include politics, European history and writing, with her primary interests being the abortion controversy and conservative issues.
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