This Guy On Craigslist Really Wants You To Come And Get His Haunted Bed

Sometimes you just got to get rid of your bed because it is haunted and trying to scare you to death.

At least that’s what one Craigslist user in Mentone, AL is claiming.

The unidentified person posted a listing in the “free stuff” section of the Birmingham Craigslist under the title of “Free (paranormal) bed”.

It only gets better from there.


The scary bed in question. Photo Credit: Craigslist user upload.

Here is the full listing:

“I’m giving away this bed to whoever wants to come pick it up. My home is over 200 years old and is believed to have originally had a servants’ wing, located to the right angle of my home which later converted to slave quarters. The structure still standing is said to have been housing for the slaves on the property. This bed still remains inside the original structure. I do not know the history of this bed but it has not been removed from the quarters. It moves and shakes violently on its own. There have been sounds of cries and singing from the actual bed. It often shifts positions and there is a strange uneasy feeling when I try to move it. I just want it off my property for good”

Yeah we are with you on that.


I can barely handle it if my memory foam is slightly forgetful from the night before. This shit would put me over the edge.

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Mentone is a small town of just over 300 people in the far northeastern corner of the state. It sits on the popular tourist trap known as Lookout Mountain. So I guess we won’t be going there anytime soon.

But if you do actually decide to take this person up on their offer, then please let us know how it goes for you. Or don’t. That’s cool too.

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