You Can Still Help The Victims Of The Orlando Shooting

On June 12th, 2016, a man entered a gay bar called Pulse and started firing, killing 49 people.
The response was almost immediate, with people stepping up to donate blood, money, and time to the cause.
You can still help even as the event falls farther out of the headlines.
There are various charities and blood donation centers, but what do they need now?
One response was from Pulse itself.
The club’s website was replaced with a page directing people to a PayPal set up for the employees, who aren’t working while the club is closed.
“For those of you wanting to help the staff, the Pulse Employee Recovery Fund provides assistance to employees who have been affected by this tragedy and will continue to have monetary needs during our time of recovery. All money goes directly to the Pulse employees to assist with their daily needs while they are out of work.” the page reads. Sara Brady, the spokesperson for Pulse, elaborated “…(The employees) can’t work because (the) club isn’t open. They are also emotionally traumatized which will impact their ability to get new jobs…they need to heal.”
Another way that people have been looking to help is with blood donations.
Shortly after the shooting, people were lining up at OneBlood buildings donate blood, food, and time.
Pat Michaels, spokesperson at OneBlood says that the best way that people can help is to schedule.
“Keeping the appointments are the thing that we’re asking people to do: to make the appointment and to keep the appointment going in the future,” Michaels said in an interview with RISE NEWS. “It does help us keep things even and not have a lot of people waiting for a long period of time. In the initial hours after the tragedy in Orlando, we had people standing in line for hours, waiting to donate blood.”
Calling ahead or scheduling an appointment online ensures that the process goes smoother and faster.
Michaels also asks that people continue to donate and volunteer regularly.
Blood has a short shelf life and needs to be replenished regularly.
“But certainly, the thing that we want people to do if you’re eligible to donate blood is to make the commitment to do this going forward,” Michaels said.
Cover Photo Credit: Governor Tom Wolf/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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