FIU Gets Taken Over By Pokemon Go Fans Looking For A Squirtle

The Pokemon Go phenomenon has reached a fever pitch across the United States.

And locally in South Florida, the app has forced thousands of people to explore their community while also inadvertently causing some pretty funny scenes.

One of those funny scenes happened on the campus of Florida International University.

On Sunday night, scores of FIU students rushed to a single point on campus all in the hopes of catching an elusive Pokemon inside of Green Library.

Eddy Madero, a marketing student at FIU captured the scene on his phone and narrated it pretty well.

“All for a fucking Squirtle,” Madero said in the video.


We’ve reached out to talk to Madero and we’ll update this story. 

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 Cover Photo Credit: Eddy Madero/ Facebook (Screengrab)

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