Has Toxic Algae Made It To Miami?

Miami Shores residents are concerned that toxic blue-green algae that has brought ecological disaster to parts of Florida, has come to town.

According to NBC Miami, multiple residents of the quiet Miami suburb have expressed concerns that the algae has come to a canal in the area.

“In the late afternoon, there was some type of green algae that was floating on top of the water,” Miami Shores resident Michael Schock told NBC Miami. “Unlike anything I have seen before. I was concerned about the algae.”

Residents told the TV station that algae was seen floating everywhere in the canal over the weekend, but it had dissipated some by Monday.

According to NBC Miami, state officials will be coming out to the area to conduct tests on the water.

The toxic blue-green algae found in other parts of the state has been known to cause rashes and hay fever like symptoms in people that it has come in contact with, and nausea and vomiting in people who ingest it.

WATCH: NBC Miami report on algae found in Miami Shores canal 

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Cover Photo Credit: Brian Goodwin/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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