“Peace”: You Have To Read This Powerful Poem About Police Violence

By Courtney Anderson

They take our lives every day.

Shoot us in the back.

In front of family,


and strangers.

They leave us in the streets.

And Cuff our dead bodies.


They lie about us.

Drag our names,


and lives

through the mud.

We deserve our deaths, they say.

We killed ourselves.

We always kill ourselves, they say.


Our lives are played on social media.

And so are our deaths.


And our killers go free.





And then

They ask for our



Peace! Peace! Be Peaceful! Have Peace!

Be peaceful as we slaughter you!

Stand still as we shoot.

Paint our streets with your Blood.

And above all, have Peace!


There is no peace.

There is no peace.

There is no peace.

There will be no peace.

As long as they live,

and we die,

There will be No Peace.

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Cover Photo Credit: Annette Bernhardt/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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