American Sailor Says He Had Gun Pulled On Him By Police, Told To “Check His Attitude”

Travis Bridges Jr. is an active duty sailor in the American Navy.

He’s based in Norfolk, VA and played football for Navy in college.

He’s a pretty straight-laced and squared away guy.

So that’s why many people are upset on social media after he posted a story about a run-in  he had with a police officer yesterday in Norfolk.

Here is his full post, which has since gone viral: (Emphasis added is our own)

“My license tag expired yesterday, my dad renewed it for me and took a photo of the information before putting it in the mail.. I was just pulled over for an expired tag, long story short, I had a gun drawn on me for reaching for my phone “in a swift manner” to show him the picture, after I clearly asked him twice if I can reach for it.

The encounter resulted in an hour search of my car while I was handcuffed because “I smell like Marijuana”…His supervisor let me go and thanked me for my compliance but told me to check my attitude because I did not feel comfortable answering all their questions.

I do not smoke, I was on the way home from work(which was on a Naval Warship), nothing in my car has been anywhere near weed since I got it in 09, and I’m clearly shaken that I had a gun about a foot away from my face.

I have all the officers information and the individuals involved will not get away with this, hopefully the Norfolk Police Department has higher standards than these individuals working for them. If anyone has any advice or wants to help, you are more than welcomed to contact me.”

RISE NEWS has reached out both to Bridges and the Norfolk Police Department for further information. We’ll update this story as we get more information. 

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Cover Photo Credit: Travis Bridges/ Facebook

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