Exclusively Kristen: A Clothing Company Finally Geared Towards The Big Busted Woman

By Ameera Steward

This year has been all about loving yourself and acceptance for all body types, but when it comes to women’s clothing things are a bit different.

Not all women are created equally is fashion. And the main woman who isn’t included is the busty woman.

Kristen Allen understood the struggle and decided to do something about it by opening her own online store.

It is called Exclusively Kristen: Clothes for “Busty” Women.

In an interview with RISE NEWS, Allen said ever since she was a teenager she’s had the issue of finding tops that fit properly because of her cup size.

She explained that the idea to start a business of this sort has always been in the back of her mind but there was always had school or work standing in the way.

Allen said that this is something she never thought she could do, but when she moved to New York she was inspired by everyone’s grind because everyone seemed to have a side hustle there.

She also said after doing research with many resources at her disposal she realized that she was still young so why not take the risk?

Exclusively Kristen has been a business for almost two years, launching in 2014.

Allen said that starting her company has been rewarding since she is solving a real problem that many women face.

“There are few companies in the United States catering to the busty woman,” Allen said. “And I’m the only one that has a variety of things to choose from.”

She said that with her business she wanted to start out with some basic pieces with a range of appeal without being too trendy.

“So this is just a product of me being the target audience, but my body type isn’t the same as everybody else’s,” Allen said. “I wanted everyone to pretty much try it out and then give me feedback. Now that I’ve gotten enough feedback from customers now I starting to do more adventurous pieces.”

she wants her customers to know that they do have options and they don’t have to settle for oversized sweaters just to fit their bust.

“I want them to know that we’re here to solve a problem and we’re here to help women look good and feel comforted in the clothes that they’re wearing, that the clothes will be tailored to them, to their bodies,” Allen said.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.41.38 PM

Kristen Allen, the founder of Exclusively Kristen, a clothing line for big busted women. Photo Credit: Instagram

Allen’s products range from $25 to $100 and they’re all made in the United States.

Allen is involved in every aspect of the creative process. She said she draws a rough draft of the designs and then has someone make the technical sketches.

She is also the fit model and does all of the fittings and does quality control on each garment.

After her approval, the clothes go to the manufacturer.

Allen said she wants other women to be inspired to own a small business.

Allen explained that she is proud of what the company has accomplished so far.

Allen has future aspirations that involve more products on the website, a petite line and a plus sized line.

Her long term goal is to open stores in different states catering to women with D-plus cups.

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