How Come The Media Had To Spoil Jerry Jeudy’s Alabama Announcement?

By Jose R. Lavergne

Last Thursday should have been an exceptionally joyous occasion for Jerry Jeudy, a high school football standout from Deerfield Beach.

He was announcing his decision on where he would be attending the next three to four years of his collegiate/football career.

He narrowed down his choices to Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Miami, and Tennessee.

Instead the greed from some members of the media was put on the forefront.

Without any consideration for when the scheduled announcement was taking place, his decision was leaked on Twitter that he was attending Alabama before Jeudy had a chance to mention it himself.

The actual announcement would go on to be delayed by Jeudy.

One can only speculate that shock and frustration behind the time delay.

I have to commend Jeudy for comporting himself like an adult and not letting this bitter situation take away from his excitement in committing.

He thanked his mother for helping become the man that he is today and moved forward in putting a visor with the Alabama logo on it.

In our lives, we all have moments that are meant to be special for us.

A relatable example to most of us is our graduation.

Whether from kindergarten or high school, we feel this sense of joy for accomplishing something in our lives, and get to enjoy accolades from those closest to us.

We should NEVER take away that from anyone, especially from a kid.

He was given his first tough adult decision, and the media did not allow for him to voice it himself.

If we want as the media not to be ostracized from great news stories, how about showing respect for the person in the story.

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Cover Photo Credit: @jerryjeudy/ Twitter

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