Infographic: 8 Reasons Why Electric Vehicles are the Future of Transportation

By Rebecca Hill

Do you spend your evenings scrolling through EV forums, perhaps skipping out the sunsets?

It’s no doubt an exciting time for electric vehicle fans.

After all, news stories and events just keep on getting more exciting, whether they are developments from brands themselves or consumers warming up to electric cars.

To fuel your interests, Auto Loan Solutions has created an infographic that showcases the electric car scene, as well as what’s to come.

“8 Reasons EVs are the Future of Transportation” examines the efforts brands and governments around the world are putting forth to create a sustainable system for EVs.

It’s a sharp contrast to the claims of those who believe in the eventual downfall of electric vehicles. And you’ve most likely seen your fair share of negative comments out there.

For example, skeptics often say a greater fleet of electric cars will have little (if any) impact on our cities and roads.

“They won’t stop air pollution” or “They won’t replace  gasoline cars” many say – the skepticism is never-ending.

But here’s the reality: only 25% of cars now cause 90% of air pollution, and those emissions contribute to chronic illness and premature deaths.

In regards to our oil dependence, several countries are adopting pro-EV initiatives that prove we don’t need gasoline as a crutch (as you’ll read see in the infographic).

Additionally, the electric car revolution has renewed interest for other environmentally-friendly technology.

For example, there’s now a push for more home and public charging stations that use solar panels.

Also, EVs themselves will have components that are more recyclable than their gasoline counterparts.

It goes without saying that electric cars have much more to offer than what critics say. Of course, you that already.

However, it’s always nice to see more evidence of their value, and this infographic provides more proof.

So take a look and see how EVs will further impact your world:

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