Meet The 18 Year Old Who Is Leading Black Lives Matter Miami

Miami is not known as a politically active city. Civic engagement is not exactly our strong suit.

But with issues regarding racial injustice and police brutality highlighted in the news lately, even sleepy Miami is starting to wake up.

At the forefront of that social awakening is an unlikely figure- an 18-year-old girl named Emmanuella Enemor, who just graduated from high school a few months ago.

Enemor is one of the main driving forces behind Black Lives Matter Miami.

We first met her at a rally she helped organize in front of the North Miami police station.

The event was not heavily attended, maybe a few dozen, but it sent a message to local authorities that people were not going to forget about the shooting of Charles Kinsey.

Emmanuella Enemor, the recent high school graduate at the heart of Black Lives Matter Miami.

Emmanuella Enemor, the recent high school graduate at the heart of Black Lives Matter Miami.

“We want to see that this guy doesn’t come back to us,” Enemor said of the officer who shot Kinsey, an unarmed black therapist who was shot three times when he tried to talk his autistic patient out of the middle of a North Miami street. “It might be a stretch that we want him convicted but at the very least, we don’t want him working here.”

Enemor lives in the southern portion of Miami-Dade County but has been rapt on the news coming out of North Miami.

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“I see the things happening and it doesn’t sit well with me,” Enemor, a graduate of Ronald Reagan High School in Doral said. “I’m black so it’s a problem that affects me directly.”

Enemor said that she felt limited as to what she could do in terms of advocacy in high school but now has a new outlook.

She’ll be attending Howard University in the fall, but in the meantime she is working to get Miami more engaged in matters of racial injustice.

She has been involved in organizing rallies and marches in Miami and in coordinating efforts online.

“We’re just trying to start passion and heart here in Miami,” Enemor said. “It’s been going pretty well.”

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Cover Photo Credit: Emmanuella Enemor/ Facebook

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