Tuscaloosa Man Beaten In Front Of Green Bar After Being Asked If He Was Gay

A Tuscaloosa man was reportedly beaten up last Friday by two men after they asked him whether he was gay.

The alleged attack took place outside of the Green Bar according to WIAT.

The victim in the case, Johnny Bishop said that two men attacked him after they peppered him with questions about his sexuality. There was also a woman involved in the incident, she seems to have served as the driver of the getaway car.

“Despite the fact that my face was gushing blood and I was sitting on the pavement and the assailant was right there next to us, police said they could not make an arrest at that point,” Johnny Bishop the victim in the case told WIAT.

Bishop was with his friend Katherine Snider during the time of the incident.

She also spoke to local tv about the situation.

“He was bleeding so badly, I’m not sure where the third guy was, at about that time they drove out of here in the SUV with the girl driving, she had the window down and was kind of smirking,” Snider told WIAT. “This is extremely traumatic, I’m scared to go to my favorite bar now, I’m scared to go to any bar in Tuscaloosa now.”

Both Bishop and Snider are Tuscaloosa residents.

Tuscaloosa police obtained a warrant to arrest one of the suspects in the beating.

WATCH: WIAT interview with Bishop


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