Was There Massive Voter Fraud In The Hong Kong LegCo Elections?

The latest Legislative Council elections were held across Hong Kong more than two weeks ago, but in recent days, serious questions have been raised about the results.

An investigation by the non-profit journalism organization FactWire found that more people voted in the election than there were ballot papers for, an impossibility.

FactWire also discovered counting irregularities at five of the 96 polling stations it looked at. There were 571 polling places across Hong Kong in total.

In those five polling stations that had irregularities, over 831 more votes were counted than there were actually ballot papers for.

Photo Credit: FactWire

Photo Credit: FactWire

A polling agent at one of the stations in question, Sheung Tak Community Hall blasted the way the official count was held. She gave her name to FactWire as Miss Law.

“The total voter turnout was found to be incorrect anyway,” Law told FactWire. “If the accuracy of this number is not that important and can be double-checked during the counting procedure, why wasn’t the polling station open earlier so that the general public could participate in monitoring the process”?

The statistics at the 96 scrutinized polling stations were provided to FactWire by the Hong Kong Indigenous, Democratic Party, Neighbourhood and Workers Service Centre, Civic Party, Labour Party as well as some polling agents. There were also FactWire reporters on the scene.

RISE NEWS Hong Kong cannot independently verify the claims made by FactWire.

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Cover Photo Credit: Steve Cadman/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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