Street Artists From Around The World Are Celebrating Peace Day In An Awesome Way

Today, Sept. 21 marks International Peace Day. And while it may be hard to imagine a less peaceful time in recent global history, it is still important to mark the day as a moment for hope.

To celebrate the day, scores of street artists from around the world have painted beautiful murals in their home countries.

The mural paintings are being organized by the non-profit International Alert.

Murals are being painted in the following places:

Berdyansk, Ukraine

Beirut, Lebanon

Davao City, Philippines

Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

London, UK (at House of Vans, Waterloo)

Kampala, Uganda

Some other pics from around the world:

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Peace Day was also marked by the United Nations Secretary General.

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Photo Credits: International Alert

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