Alabama Student Wears “F#@* Donald” Shirt On Campus And Some People Got Pretty Mad

K. Alex Lane is a student at the University of Alabama and she is making some waves due to a certain wardrobe choice she made on Monday.

Lane wore a black t-shirt bearing the words “Fuck Donald” above an American flag.

The Donald in question obviously being Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

On Facebook, Lane explained the reason she wore the provocative shirt:

“[I] walked around The University of Alabama’s campus with this shirt on cus it was only right after last night’s debate.”

The University of Alabama campus has been rocked in recent weeks by racially charged comments posted to social media by students.

Lane claims that some students called her racially charged names on campus Monday.

“[I] got called the n-word by a white male and a “stupid bitch” by a white female. couldn’t help by laugh right in their faces.”

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RISE NEWS is not able to independently confirm Lane’s claims. We will update this story when she responds to questions we sent her. 


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