Bernie Sanders’ Brother Larry Is Running For The British Parliament

Larry Sanders is not just any doomed Green Party candidate. He is a doomed Green Party candidate that has a political pedigree that now thrives on two continents.

Sanders is the older brother of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and he is embarking on a long-shot bid to replace former Prime Minister David Cameron in Parliament.

It is a long-shot campaign for a number of reasons, but none bigger than the fact that the Witney constituency is a Conservative Party bastion.

Cameron won it last year with 60% of the vote.

But Larry Sanders doesn’t really expect to win.

“Win or lose, the Green Party doing well would make a bigger impact on the country,” Sanders told ABC News. “And we really need to make this impact because dreadful things are afoot.”

The Green Party currently has one member of parliament out of the 650 seats.

Bernie Sanders endorse his brother in a heartfelt video last week.

“I do not know a heck of a lot about British politics,” Sen. Sanders said in the video. “But I do know a lot about my brother, Larry Sanders.”

Larry Sanders is running on a campaign platform that focuses on reducing income inequality and fixing a massive funding shortfall for the National Health Service.

The election will be held on Oct. 20th.

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