Hong Kong Channel ViuTV Just Suspended A Reality Show With Pro-Independence Content

By Jessie Pang

Travel with Rivals, a travel reality show featuring two persons with conflicting values and perspectives, has been a highly watched programme of the newly launched ViuTV channel.

Wang Dang, a student leader of the June Fourth Massacre, and Billy Fung Jing-en, the former President of the Hong Kong University Students’ Union, was particularly criticized for his open support of HK independence movement.

They both participated in the second season of the programme in which they travelled to Japan from October 5th to 19th.

ViuTV issued a statement last night claiming that the two had met the media on their own and made inappropriate remarks, deciding to cut all footage filmed with the two “Any remarks on Hong Kong Independence is not only an insult to the dignity of our nation, but a total false hope, a farce that can never happen,” the statement reads. “We reserve all legal rights against anyone who once or will use(d) our channel to promote Hong Kong Independence.”

The two were particularly attacked for their participation in a “self-arranged” press conference in which Billy Fung consolidated his points about HK Independence, and even supported the similar claim of the Uyghur people.

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Based on the report by Radio Free Asia, Billy Fung called on the international community to support Hong Kong Independence.

“In 1984, Zhao Ziyang openly stated that it was feasible to govern Hong Kong with democracy,” Fung said. “Such democracy in Hong Kong has since, yet, been refused on various occasions.”

Wang Dang, famous for his patriotic stance said that “Hong Kong Independence should be up to the referendum among Hongkongers, which is believed to be the most reasonable way.”

In reply to a question from a member of the World Uyghur Congress, Fung said, “Similar to Hong Kong, Uyghur people are under suppression and persecution by the CCP. Our destiny is alike. Based on the principle that locals shall make decision on their local affairs, we support the choice of the Uyghur people. We can cooperate in this respect.”

The statement and claims made by ViuTV was instantly slammed by netizens, and especially Wang Dan himself, who never knew about such hidden agenda.

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“The whole schedule was arranged by the Channel only, including the press conference. It now yet claimed it is Billy and I who ‘arranged it on our own’. There is nothing more shameless than such claim!” said Wang on his Facebook page.

He further warned ViuTV for its shameless act of lying while showing his disappointment towards Hong Kong. “Hong Kong has already fallen,” lamented Wang.

This has became the second incident recently which demonstrates the growing suppression on Hong Kong Independent sentiment, following the recent scandal of Legislative Councilors banned from oath-taking with the exhibit of a flag with “Hong Kong is not China”.

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