This Little Girl Dressed Up As Superman For Her School Picture Because She’s A Badass

Kaylieann Steinbach is the biggest badass living today on planet Earth.

She has accomplished this feat, previously occupied by Bob Dylan after he refused to return phone calls from the Nobel Prize committee, at the tender age of 3.

But badassery knows no age.

Steinbach’s father posted a picture to Reddit of his daughter grinning at the camera while holding her bae- a plastic Superman toy for her class picture.

“In September, we went to the San Francisco Comic Con and she went as Supergirl to that,” Austin told BuzzFeed. “She refused to take off her costume after it.”

3 years old folks and she’s already much cooler than any of us will ever be.


Steinbach is also 75% deaf in both ears and mostly communicates through sign language.

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