The College Student Guide For Halloween In The Triangle

By Sarah Gallo

RALEIGH, NC- It is official: fall is here.

UGG boots and pumpkin spice latte’s have once again dominated college campuses across North Carolina.

Possibly the hottest topic of discussion on college campuses this time of year is how to spend the biggest of all holidays for college students: Halloween.

Many students would argue that Halloween parties are the best parties, because who doesn’t like to dress up in an itchy costume and drink excessive amounts of pumpkin-flavored beer?

Students in the Triangle area and beyond are planning on taking advantage of all their schools have to offer on Halloween night.

Here are some of the cooler things happening in our area:

East Carolina University (ECU) is best known this time of year for raging Halloween parties, along with the unfortunate riot that occurred on Oct. 31, 2014 at the local townhome community Riverwalk, located in close proximity to the university. In that incident over 3,000 rioted at the scene and many stood atop of a campus transit bus.

Halie Clegg, a current junior at ECU majoring is planning on going to the popular college burger joint Sup Dog’s “mug night,” where one can bring any size mug to the restaurant and receive unlimited $1 refills on all beer.

“There are bunch of Halloween themed events in downtown. Clubs will play Halloween-themed music and have lots of drink specials,” Clegg said. “Our party school reputation makes us stand out, because us pirates do know how to party and make Halloween more fun. It is easy to get out of hand, though.”

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) is another place students flock to for Halloween. The university boasts a Halloween parade on the street adjacent to campus where students show off costumes and socialize with peers.

Trisha Bonthu, a sophomore at UNC, is one of many Tar Heels planning on spending Halloween dressing up and taking pictures with friends on Franklin St.

“Franklin St. is the one thing we are known for, we get together and take pictures and it’s one giant party,” Bonthu said. “I want to see if there are any new group costume themes this year. I feel like there will be a lot of Donald Trumps and Hillarys.”

Watch: A scene from Franklin St. in 2011 on Halloween night

Students from other universities in the Triangle may have trouble attending the event, though, as it is noted that Tar Hell Halloween festivities tend to be very exclusive due to overcrowding concerns.

“They try to cut back on people coming from other schools,” Bonthu said. “You have to have approved guests if someone’s staying in your dorm, and there’s no parking. They try to take every precaution they can.”

It is important to note that NC State University (NCSU) does not have the same reputation that ECU or UNC has when it comes to Halloween.

Last year students at NCSU enjoyed both the 2015 Homecoming Parade and the Homecoming football game on Saturday, Oct. 31. 2015. These events offered students a fun, safe way to spend the holiday.

But this year, NCSU students will have to look towards the other alternatives the Triangle offers its residents to celebrate this year’s Halloween, for those who do not wish to just partake in intoxication and regretted decisions.

Durham’s Museum of Life and Sciences boasts a train ride to a local pumpkin patch, along with creative activities and fun for the whole family. Tickets can be purchased on the museum’s website.

The North Carolina State Fair is occurring in Raleigh N.C. from October 13-23, and is another popular event NC State students attend to celebrate the beginning of fall; It also serves as a way to get students excited about Halloween.

Dina Ibrahim, senior at NC State University, is planning on spending this Halloween partying with close friends dressed as Cat woman.

Ibrahim encourages students from surrounding universities to join NC State’s festivities as the wolfpack welcomes all she says.

“Everybody in Raleigh is really inclusive,” Ibrahim said. “If you go in to Raleigh looking for a fun time, there’s nobody that will turn you away. There’s lots of alcohol, and lots of loud music.”

Ibrahim also suggests checking out Hibernian Pub, C. Grace jazz club, and Rum Runners for a good time in Raleigh on Halloween.

Students in the Triangle area and beyond have plenty of options on how to spend the beloved holiday, but most college students are more than happy with spending the night drinking, partying, and showing off their homemade, college-budget friendly Halloween costumes.

Let us know know you will be celebrating in the comments below.

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