Thousands Protest Against Comments Made By Two Localists

By Paulus Choy

HONG KONG- The newly formed organisation “Against Hong Kong’s independence and the insulting of Chinese”, protested outside the Legco parliament complex yesterday, in response to two politicians’ comments during their oath-taking, with journalists caught in the cross-fire.

The organisation issued a press release saying the two has insulted the Chinese and condemned the two for spreading independence ideas in Hong Kong.

Legco members Baggio Sixtus Leung Chung-hang and Yau Wai-ching called China “Chee-na”, and displayed flags saying “Hong Kong is not China” during their oath-taking on the 12th October.

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Hong Kong government has initiated legal actions against the two, pleading that both’s occupied office in Legco is to be vacated, after their court injunctions to prevent both from taking oath was rejected.


As Leung and Yau returned yesterday attempting to redo their oaths, protesters surrounded the complex, expressing their concern against Yau and Leung’s derogatory comments, as well as their promotion independence.

The protest started at around 10 in the morning, as groups started filling up areas around the complex.

The protests included over 300 groups, ranging from concern groups, business unions and district councillors. The legco headquarters was filled with chinese and Hong Kong flags and chants condemning “anti-chinese” sentiments.

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A collection of people spoke during the protests, including College professors, union leaders and business figures.

WATCH: Video from the protest

The protest went on without huge confrontations, but was interspersed with a case of disturbance.


HKFP reporter Stanley Leung had his camera taken away, when he was covering the protest according to HKFP reports. He was surrounded by protestors, and later recovered his camera, only to find his memory card stolen.

HKFP released an announcement on their facebook page, condemning acts interfering with their operation.

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The organisers said roughly 16 to 17 thousand people took part in the rally, according to their announcement at noon. The police said around eight thousand people took part.

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Photo Credits: Henry Wong

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