Tuscaloosa Isn’t Such A Good Place For The LGBT Community According To HRC

The Human Rights Campaign released its fifth annual Municipal Equality Index, which measures the state of LGBT equality in 506 cities across the country.

The Index also measured eight Alabama cities on a series of 44 criteria that fall into five general categories:

1) Non-discrimination laws
2)Municipal employment policies, including transgender-inclusive insurance coverage and non-discrimination requirements for contractors
3)Inclusiveness of city services
4)Law enforcement, including hate crimes reporting
5)Municipal leadership on matters of equality

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None of the Alabama cities did well at all in the index- with none of the eight cities scoring above a 12 out of 100 possible points.

The national average was 55 points out of 100.

Here’s how the cities performed:

  1. Birmingham-12%
  2. Florence– 12%
  3. Hoover– 12%
  4. Montgomery– 9%
  5. Mobile– 7%
  6. Tuscaloosa– 6%
  7. Huntsville– 5%
  8. Auburn– 0%

The only points that Tuscaloosa received was for having “Enumerated Anti-Bullying School Policies” in place in city schools.

Pretty pitiful.

And if you think it is impossible for a Southern city to get a perfect score on the HRC index, you would really wrong.

Atlanta actually got a 104.

Orlando got a 100.

Heck even Gainesville, FL got a 98.

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