FIU Students Plan Massive Walk Out To Protest Trump

Students at the largely hispanic Florida International University are planning to walk out of class Wednesday afternoon to protest the election of Donald Trump.

The action is in conjunction with a national movement that wants college campuses to declare themselves a #SanctuaryCampus in order to fight against Trump’s promises to deport millions of undocumented immigrants.

The protest will start at 3 PM and run until 6 PM according to the Facebook page that has been set up to organize it.

After walking out of class, students are planning at meeting at a free speech zone located at the GC Lawns outside of Einstein Bagels on the FIU main campus.


Here’s more from the organizers:

“On November 16th, we are calling on all students to join the movement to declare their campuses a #SanctuaryCampus and commit to putting our bodies between Trump and undocumented students.

We are already seeing students rise up on our own– but we must create national solidarity to create a massive resistance against Donald Trump and to demand permanent protection, dignity, and respect for all immigrants.

It’s time that we unite to protect our most vulnerable people– including undocumented immigrants, Black people, Muslims, Queer people, and all people of color.

We must amplify each other and rise up together in the face of Trump.”

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