@InnerKermit Is Here To Steal Your Soul

You are not ready for it.

But here it is anyway- the Kermit meme that will both end and save your life.

Enter @InnerKermit.

Pure evil.

This Twitter account showing a good Kermit The Frog interacting with a dark Kermit The Frog is taking the social media site by storm.

It has racked up over 26 thousand followers in less than 24 hours.

What’s that Kermit?

No. Not the R&B stars. Don’t you dare.

The account was created by a 20 year old British kid named Liam Kay.

Kay saw a few Inner Kermit tweets on his timeline and jumped at the chance to tap into.

So he launched @InnerKermit.

“The amount of retweets and likes I’ve been getting though are insane,” Kay said. “I haven’t really had a chance to stay on track of the mentions because the notifications are crazy, I’m just glad everybody is getting a laugh from it.”

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