Joshua Wong’s Visit To The US Will Do More Harm Than Good, Thanks To His Political Immaturity

By Raphael Blet

Earlier this month, young activist and Umbrella Revolution leader Joshua Wong visited Washington as part of an event held by a US congressional panel co-chaired by Sen. Marco Rubio.

Not only was Wong’s picture with Rubio of very bad taste, it did also send a clear message to the world that Hong Kong’s pro-independence movements might be backed by the United States.

This is not good as it gives more credibility to those who previously accused Wong and his movement of being America’s puppet.

Such brainless actions provide more grounds justifying the controversial implementation of Article 23 of the Basic Law which would prohibit local political groups from establishing ties with foreign bodies.

Nevertheless, such a measure is unlikely to take place.

Isn’t it paradoxal to advocate ‘self determination’ when at the same time, you are flattering a warmonger who cares about anything but Hong Kong’s well being?

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Isn’t it contradictory for a ‘self-determination’ advocate to pose with someone who supported America’s invasion of other countries?

Maybe did the sophomore politician saw in Rubio a figure of peace and unity, in other words: a progressive, a visionary (which Rubio obviously isn’t).

Why not instead meet with Elizabeth Warren, a sincere progressive who is for the people?

Joshua Wong should consider hiring an adviser or make background researches prior to his meetings so as not to come under fire.

The young activist might not know that, but Rubio as well as his fellow colleagues support anything but democracy and freedom: they support wars, conflicts and supranational submission.

Rubio’s only hope being to boost US military presence in the South China Sea by destabilizing the region, including Hong Kong.

One might argue that a photo isn’t necessarily representative.

Well, as we commonly say, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.

I am not attacking Wong’s person, I am instead attacking his action by pointing out his lack of political maturity which makes him easily manipulable and corruptible.

Some might perceive Wong’s visit to the US positively and see it as a way to put Hong Kong’s issues on the US agenda.

Alas, with or without Wong, Hong Kong is on the US agenda.

In other words, his visit to Washington will have no positive impact on Hong Kong’s future.

Moreover, most of us understand that foreign interferences of all sorts have led to anything but peace and democracy.

There is no more need for me to remind you about the number of crimes committed by the Bush administration under the name of ‘democracy’, thanks to local facilitators like Joshua Wong.

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In addition to this, the panel recommended Congress to ‘seek its support to US non-governmental organisations operating in Hong Kong, which are assisting local civil society and political groups’.

The so called ‘conspiracy theory’ which consisted of saying that American organisations in Hong Kong were used as political and influential tools might be reality.

We have to assume that some American organisations such as the Fulbright Program have a strong influence in Hong Kong, particularly in education.

Since 2012, the US Fulbright program played an important role in the setting-up of university curriculums around the territory and came under criticism by some academics and members of the public, including myself.

Many Hong Kong citizens are aware and opposed to any kind of external interference in Hong Kong’s local affairs.

Unfortunately, it seems that making such a criticism is enough to case us on the other side of the political spectrum, thanks to double standards.

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All this to say that YES, there is a US interference in Hong Kong and that it will only do more harm than good.

Joshua Wong should come back to rationalism and stop his nonsensical and harmful actions.

Only by looking at both sides of the coin can we improve the situation.

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