Pakistan’s First Transgender Model Makes Waves With Debut Photoshoot

KARACHI, Pakistan- It’s not very often you hear about a transgender model making waves in the fashion world. It’s particularly uncommon for a transgender model to be attaining fame in a Muslim country.

Kami Sid is a Pakistani social activist who is renowned for her endless campaigning for the LGBT community in her home country.

She was previously featured in a documentary filmed by the BBC titled ‘How Gay is Pakistan’ which brought her to light in various circles.

Kami Sid made her debut in the fashion world in a powerful photoshoot that aims to end stigma and phobia against the LGBT community in Pakistan.

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The LGBT community has been frequently targeted in the country with over 45 transgender people having been killed in the past year in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province alone.

In May, a 23 year old trans woman named Alisha, was gunned down and denied treatment at the hospital due to her gender identity.

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Earlier this month, a transgender person was beaten by a group of five men in Sialkot and tortured horrendously.

The beating was caught on tape and made rounds on the internet.

The five men were arrested by the police.

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Kami hopes that her photoshoot can help end transphobia and break the stereotypes attached to it.

Her photoshoot was captured by Haseeb M. Siddiqi with makeup artistry being provided by Nighat Misbah.

The two collaborated with stylist Waqar Khan to give Kami the fierce look.

Although violence against the LGBT community continues, the positive reaction to Kami’s photoshoot on social media shows that in some circles transphobia is rapidly declining.

This can be considered progress in a country like Pakistan where Sharia law and Islamic fundamentalism is rampant and LGBT rights are nearly non-existent.

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