We Really Need To Talk About Jalen Hurts’ Mustache

There is something that is incredibly important that the entire sports media has failed to report on.

They should all be ashamed of themselves frankly for how derelict in duty they have been on this front.

You should cut the cord, end subscriptions, and stop clicking on their stories because of this oversight.

Jalen Hurts, the freshman quarterback of the University of Alabama has a French police inspector mustache.


We’ve said it.


Literally pick any French police inspector from a film- recent or otherwise. They will have similar facial hair to Jalen Hurts.

muppets-most-wanted-french-inspector-a-06898_r peter_sellers_inspector_clouseau_pi pink-panther-new

It hasn’t always been so French for Jalen.


24/7 Sports

In fact there was a time when the mustache didn’t exist at all. Those were smoother days indeed.


Sure. We can sort of understand why no one in the sports media landscape has taken on this very important topic.

And we guess that Hurts’ dominant performance on the field- which he’s doing as an 18 year old is pretty cool in its own right.

But his mustache deserves more attention.

I mean come on!

His facial hair is such a throwback that we bet his grandparents can’t even relate to it.

Oh wait.

img_1638 img_1639


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