Looking Back At All Those “First Days Of School” And The Anxiety That Came With Them

Everyone has had some sort of “First Day of School” experience in their lifetime.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle school, high school, or college years; some form of anxiety kicked in when it was the final hours of the night before and you climb into bed thinking about new beginnings.

For high school kids, that anxiety isn’t focused too much on the amount of effort that you will need to front to get through a new year of school; but instead, energy is channeled into setting up that fresh outfit and brand new pair of sneakers you will rock on the first day.

I can still hear my teenage self, “I’m going to kill ‘em tomorrow with these Jay’s!”

Growing up in Baltimore, high school was a fashion and popularity contest.

Who could pimp out their school uniform the best with the hottest accessories or freshest pair of sneakers.

Who could get all the girls to wave and give hugs when you walked down the hall.

First days are all the same man. Photo Credit: tiffany terry/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

Having clout in high school was just as important as it was to get good grades and graduate.

Well, maybe not that serious; but close.

Who am I kidding? For some, the school work didn’t matter at all!

I was one of those cool nerds who could balance a 3.5 GPA as well as a couple of honeys under my arms. If you read that and judged me just now, don’t hate the player, hate the game!

College is…well, college.

It’s high school but a grown-up spinoff of your favorite high school reality show.

Fashion and popularity contests still exist but aren’t the main focuses.

Graduating in a timely fashion and getting a J-O-B is what’s important.

In college, first day jitters are centered around the anxiety of getting a new chance to be a better you.

A better scholar, athlete, test taker, note taker, homework doer, studier or what have you.

A clean slate.

Frankly, it’s an opportunity to look at past mistakes, evaluate, and evolve.

After all, when you’re paying thousands of dollars to get a higher education you tend to take your studies a little bit more seriously.

For me, I am going into the second to last semester of my undergraduate career at The University of Baltimore and I am excited to get back and strive for a better GPA than the previous semester.

Of course, I’m ready to get back to campus and see friends and socialize but above all, I am anxious to get back to lectures, learn something new, and prove to myself that I can achieve the highest.

I am definitely ready to graduate and see where this road called “life” is going to take me.

From today until graduation in December, first days are no longer hurdles.

It’s all about last days.

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Cover Photo Credit: Andrew Subiela/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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