I’m Stressed And Happy

When you ask a college student how their week is going you usually hear one answer and one answer only… “stressful.”

That is not to say that this is unmerited, rather, we take it in a negative form.

There’s a well-known meme that says “Social life, enough sleep, good grades. Pick two.”

The first time I saw it I laughed for a long time at how insanely accurate it was.

After further examination, I realized… there is so much more we have on our plates.

Doing the math, I think we could possibly have negative hours left in our days.

A typical week for me includes an anatomy lab quiz, a management quiz, at least two tests, tutoring, chapter, a student government meeting, and not to mention the studying that goes along with all of those things.

Now if you want to add a social life, that’s a completely different story.

In the end, it’s about maximizing yourself in the number of hours you have.

What time will you wake up?

When will you get out of the house?

What will you do with the time that you’ve been given?

Without a doubt, I would call myself a overcommitted person.

I get overwhelmed with school, the organizations I’m in, my family and with myself.

I mean, this is true. Photo Credit: rick/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

There was a time in my life when I would say that I was genuinely not happy.

I would complain about the number of assignments I had that week.

But allow me to tell you how happy I am.

Let’s stop victimizing ourselves.

I love the stress.

How cool is it that we GET to learn the unimaginable workings of the world?

How great is it that we wake up every day and have the CHOICE to continue?

We have the opportunity to get together with the greatest student leaders to make a difference on our campus and in our community.

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How breathtaking is it that we are surrounded by intentional people who push us to be better than we previously were?

Do it all with happiness and see that we are not as crunched on time as we had thought before.

We spend so much time squandering around, explaining to other people how much we have to do that we end up not even doing it.

Make a graphic schedule for the week.

Map out your class time, your travel time, your meal times, your meeting times.

Decide when you’ll study and turn off your phone in that time.

Stay away from social media.

Call your parents.

Have 10 minutes of quiet time to yourself.

Read a few pages in your bible, or in a good book.

But most of all, enjoy it all.

These years are supposed to be the best four years of your life.

Make them be.

No matter how stressful they are.

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Cover Photo Credit: Sodanie Chea/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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About the Author
Michelle Hoang is a junior at Texas A&M University from Austin, Texas. She is pursuing a degree in Allied Health with a minor in Business. She is a proud member of Alpha Chi Omega and serves on the Student Senate.
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