Ole Miss Student Group Wants Multicultural Courses To Be Graduation Requirement

A group of students at the University of Mississippi want their university to implement a new policy that would require students to take multicultural courses in order to graduate.

The group, Students Against Social Injustice says that the new policy would put the university in line with the stated aims of its recently released “diversity plan“.

The group has launched an online petition that it hopes to send to Ole Miss Interim Provost Noel Wilkin.

From the text of the petition:

“We propose that UM Liberal Arts students be required to take 6-9 hours of multicultural courses, as well as an additional 12 hours of diversity-related extracurricular/volunteer hours. We believe that a multicultural course requirement will further institutionalize inclusion at the University of Mississippi, and advance UM’s mission of “enabl[ing] students to…understand a variety of world cultures as well as the richness and complexity of American society.” What’s more, such a requirement will push students to center the intellectual and historical contributions of marginalized communities (black, Latino/Chicano, indigenous, Asian, LGBTQIA+, disabled, women, etc.) in their educational narrative.”

Students Against Social Injustice member Makala McNeil told the Daily Mississippian that the additional course requirements would play “an in instrumental part” in bringing about further inclusion to campus.

“We’d be doing students a disservice if after four years they leave the institution without exposure to the wide array of multicultural courses the institution offers,” McNeil told the paper.

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