That UA Election Was So Bad Even The Official SGA Twitter Knew It

The election of Jared Hunter as the third ever African-American UA SGA president was marred by the fact that he was endorsed by “The Machine”– a not so secret organization of Greek organizations that use hardline tactics to win elections.

Hunter, by all objective measures ran a terrible campaign.

He was not allowed to campaign for most of the electioneering period because of alleged violations of student election rules.

And he tried to score points by admitting that he was the candidate of “The Machine”, ignoring the organization’s racists and sexist history for the sake of his own political advancement.

But he still won by nearly 30 percentage points because of “The Machine”.

If this is the future of Alabama politics, then we are all in trouble.

And apparently the official UA SGA Twitter account agrees with that sentiment as discovered by Crimson White news editor Jordan LaPorta on Twitter:

Folks are salty in T-Town right now and who can really blame them?

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