Alabama Senior? Be In Our “Thank You UA” Video

Are you a graduating UA student?

You are invited to participate in our “Thank You UA” video.

We think this will be a great way for you to thank Alabama for your time on campus and it should be really cool.

It will feature graduating UA seniors from all walks of life and from all parts of campus and will serve a forever reminder of the impact the class of 2017 had on Tuscaloosa.

We will chop up your contributions and mash them together to create a cool collage of voices and faces.

If you would like to be in this video then please follow the directions below.

The deadline for you to send this video back is Wednesday May 3, at 12 PM CST.

It will be released the next day to the public.


1) Be sure to record yourself using either an iPhone or a computer webcam. Do not use any other form of smart phone due to issues with our software.

2) Film yourself in a quiet place. Make sure that you are looking at the camera and that there is enough light on your face so we can clearly see its you.

3) Be sure that the camera is focusing on your face, but also try to have some depth of field behind you- meaning don’t record yourself square up against a wall.

4) You don’t have to be perfect when you read the lines. Just read them slowly and clearly. And remember the tone of the video- thankful and full of gratitude but it is also fun.

5) We want you to include your own unique reason for why you are thankful for UA. There is a space in the script towards the end to include that. It should be thoughtful and unique to your UA experience- but also no more than 15 seconds in length.

6) When are you finished recording please upload the video to YouTube and then email us the link to [email protected] with the subject as [Your Name] Alabama Thank You Video.

Script: (This is what you will read on camera)

To the University Of Alabama,

Thank you.

Thank you for the great times.

Thank you for the adventures.

Thank you for teaching us about life.

Thank you for teaching us how to be champions.

Thank you for believing in our potential and giving us the opportunities to reach it.

Thank you for reminding us that we always have a home here.

Things haven’t always been easy, but they have been worth it.

Where else can you learn how to be a leader of our generation and also set up a world class tailgate?

[You can add something unique about why you love/ appreciate UA here]

This is not goodbye.

This is only the start.

Because we have some winning to do and some victories to bring home.

So we’ll see you soon UA.

Thanks for everything.

Roll tide.


Have a question? Email us at [email protected]

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