South Carolina Student Governments Stand Up To Governor Over Bond Bill

Three Student Governments in South Carolina have united to beg their Governor to change his mind regarding a bill that would raise taxes in order to pay for infrastructure improvements at universities in the state.

In a press release, the SGA presidents for Clemson University, University of South Carolina and College of Charleston asked Gov. Henry McMaster to change his opposition to House Bill 3722, which is better known as the “bond bill”.

The bill would raise around $250 million that could be spent by state universities to keep up with crumbling infrastructure and physical campus improvements.

McMaster has said that he opposes the bill and would rather spend the money on fixing roads in the state.

SGA presidents Ross Lordo (South Carolina), Killian McDonald (Clemson) and Michael Faikes (College of Charleston) issued a joint statement that tried to explain why they believe the bond is important to the state.

From the joint statement:

“The $250 million in funding that would be authorized by HB.3722 would allow fifteen public colleges and universities across the state to make critical renovations and repairs to facilities that simply cannot keep up with South Carolina’s rapid population growth. The last bond bill was passed over sixteen years ago. That timespan has allowed our state’s current students to graduate from their elementary schools and make it all the way to the colleges they attend today. Yet these past sixteen years have also taken a toll on the classrooms and buildings that have educated sixteen classes of graduates. Failing to make improvements to our schools now will only lead to larger, more extensive, and ultimately more expensive costs farther down the road. As governor, you have pointed out our state’s roads have suffered similar neglect and disregard, bringing the need for road repairs “from important to critical to urgent.” We should not allow the facilities at our state’s institutions of higher learning to suffer the same fate as our roads.”

Read the whole letter below:

Bond Bill Letter by Andrea Lashay on Scribd

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