Walt Maddox Sure Sounds Like He’s Going To Run For Governor

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox went on a local radio show Tuesday and left few doubts that he was seriously considering jumping into the race for governor in 2018.

“It’s not a no. It’s certainly not a no,” Maddox said in a interview with The Steve Shannon Morning Show. “For me, over the next few months, I’ve got to look at three things. Number one, can your family take on a statewide campaign? That is tremendous to say the least on your family. Number two, if you win, can you govern? And number three, can you win?”

According to AL.com, Maddox won re-election in March, beating Stepfon “Step” Lewis 5,956 votes to 541 votes.

Maddox, a Democrat is considered by many to be a rising figure in the state and could be his party’s best chance at winning back the Governor’s Mansion.

Listen to Maddox’s interview:

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Photo Credit: Walt Maddox/ Facebook

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