Tips For How To Make Your Resume Reflect Your Personality

Recruiters are looking at hundreds of resumes every day.

How do you get them to look at yours and see that you’re the one for the job?

You’ve got to stand out from the crowd and show them your personality, as well as your skills.

If you can do it well, they will see you more as a well rounded person, rather than just a list of skills and experience.

Here’s how you can use your resume to really reflect what you’re like as a person.

Start off with a human voiced summary

Your resume will sum up your education and experience, but it can’t really sum you up as a person.

That’s why it’s important to add a human voiced summary at the beginning of your resume.

A human voiced summary is a quick greeting to the recruiter who’s reading, and lets them know what you’re all about.

You’ll use the ‘I’ voice to write it, so you’re personally reaching out to the reader.

It could read a little like this:

‘I’ve been working in IT for ten years now, and I’ve always loved what I do. I’m just as happy writing software as I am working with clients. I’ve been working in the same field for a few years now, and feel now is the time to find a new challenge.’

Tell stories

That doesn’t mean you need to make things up to go in your resume.

Rather, you need to rethink how you present your many skills and attributes.

HR manager Erika Simmons at EssayRoo says: ‘The people who talk about how they’ve used their skills have been more likely to get hired here. When writing your resume, tell the story of how your excellent people skills defused an incident at work. Show us what you can do, don’t just tell us.’

Perfect your grammar

The way you write in itself reflects on you as a person.

Think about the last post you saw on social media.

Was it misspelled, uninformed, or just plain wrong?

Then you’ll have made an opinion about the person who posted it.

The same goes for your resume.

If your grammar is less than stellar, it can show you to be someone who’s sloppy or doesn’t check the details, even if that’s not true.

Make sure you’re checking your grammar carefully as you write.

If you need a helping hand, use the grammar guides at Paper Fellows or Academized to get spot on grammar.

Limit the figures in your resume

Unless you’re in sales, keep the figures and numbers to a minimum in your resume.

Remember, you’re trying to tell a story in this document, and put across what you’re like as a person.

If you use too many numbers in your resume, you’ll just put the reader to sleep.

Instead, focus on the other benefits you’ve brought to your workplace.

Edit and proofread, always

This goes for anything you write, but you must always edit and proofread your resume.

Like checking your grammar, editing and proofreading shows you have an eye for detail, and that you’re the kind of person the recruiter wants in their team.

Again, if you’re finding it hard, use tools available to you.

Online tools like Easy Word Count will help you get the most out of your writing.

Writing services such as Boom Essays, Resumention, and UK Writings, can edit your resume for you.

Mention your hobbies

Many people think they can’t mention their hobbies in their resume, as it’s not relevant to the job.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The recruiter isn’t just looking for someone with the right skills, they’re looking for someone who can fit in with the existing team.

The trick is to mention unique, relatable hobbies that could reflect well on your personality. If you’re going for a customer service job, for example, and you’re the president of your local book club, mention it.

It shows that you’re already willing to get involved and work with others, as you do it in your personal life already.

Put these tips to good use, and you can show the recruiter you’re more than what’s on paper.

Show them you’re a real, well rounded person.

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