Burglars Allegedly Punch 13 Year Old Boy In The Face After Breaking Into Miami Shores Home

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–Miami Shores Police are searching for three suspects who they say broke into at least two homes on Thanksgiving Day. 

-According to LOCAL 10, one of the burglars punched a 13 year old boy in the face while his 11 year old sister looked on. 

-A Miami Shores resident named Brett Firestone foiled the robbery at one house when he confronted the men. He told LOCAL 10, that they then drove away down NE 107th St at over 100 miles per hour. 

–The alleged robberies took place at a home near NE 107th St and NE 10th Place and at a home on NW 100th Terrace. 


Here’s the official advisory from MSPD:

Here’s LOCAL 10’s report on it:

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