Chaminade-Madonna Finally Starts Construction On Lights For Football Field

Chaminade-Madonna has been one of the more consistently dominant football programs in recent South Florida history.

Last year, they were the state runner-up in Division 3A and are currently on track to compete for a state championship again this year.

The program has won multiple state championships in its past.

But the lack of lights at its home field, a unique curiosity among South Florida’s powerhouse programs, has held it back.

Chaminade is having to play a home playoff game at a nearby school this week because of the lack of lights.

After having announced that the school would be putting lights in last year, construction has finally begun.

The school announced today on its Facebook page that ground was officially broken on November 14th.

No expected completion date was announced.

Photo: Chaminade-Madonna

Chaminade-Madonna is a small Catholic high school with around 600 students.

It is located in the heart of Hollywood and is surrounded by private homes.

Some of these homeowners have opposed lighting for the football field for years due to the expected disruption it would cause.

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