Did This Miami Entrepreneur Just Create The Next Tofu?

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-Miami entrepreneur Taylor Cohen invented a new food product that is spreading fast throughout the Magic City.

-The product is a lentil based alternative to tofu called Adashah.

-Cohen and her brother Brandon started a business around the product in 2015. They now make over 600 pounds of it a week and distribute to over 15 South Florida restaurants.

-della test kitchen in Wynwood swears by the product, and it is a huge hit with customers.

Taylor Cohen was just your typical food justice warrior and outdoor educator a few years back.

Yeah, exactly.

Nothing typical about her.

Now Cohen, a native of Surfside, has taken her passion for making change to the business world.

Along with her brother Brandon, Taylor is poised to change the way South Florida looks at meat alternatives.

Her product is called Adashah and it is a unique lentil based food that is most similar to tofu.

She invented the product in the years following her diagnosis of Colitis.

Taylor Cohen is the creator of Adashah.

Doctors gave her a strict nutritional regime but few of those foods spoke to her.

“I started eating more of a plant-based diet and eliminating animal proteins from my diet,” Cohen told RISE NEWS. “I was focusing on the vegan meat alternatives that are on the market right now. But what I saw was that pretty much everything either had soy or gluten or I read the ingredients and they were full of chemicals that I didn’t understand.”

Cohen said that she wanted to create something similar to tofu in how it picks up flavors, but also something that would taste great on its own.

She seems to have made just that.

In just over two years, Cohen has scaled up to servicing over 15 restaurants from Boca Raton to Doral.

She said that she creates over 600 pounds of the stuff each week.

The product is a trade secret but Cohen said that it is 100 percent organic and preservative free.

Luis Garcia, the manager of della test kitchen in Wynwood loves Adashah.

He told RISE NEWS that his customers can’t get enough of the stuff and that he likes it much more than tofu.

To learn more about how to get Adashah, visit their website: https://adashah.com

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