The Greatest Sign Spinners In The World Live In South Florida. Yes, That’s A Thing

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AArrow Sign Spinners is the world leader in “human directional” advertising. They are making a big push in the South Florida market and just opened a new office in Hollywood. 

-The company was founded by Max Durovic when he was in college. Durovic started the company with just $500. It now employs 2,500 sign spinners in 35 different global markets. 

-The South Florida market is run by two Jamaicans named Kadeem. They are also considered some of the top spinners in the world. 

Max Durovic is spinning mad.

And that’s a good thing.

Durovic, the founder of AArrow Sign Spinners sits at the top of an unusual advertising empire.

He doesn’t harvest people’s attention via television or on the radio, he does it using the human form on the side of the road.

Durovic reinvented the sign spinning form and turned it into a sport.

15 years after he founded the company, Durovic now has 2,500 sign spinners working for him across the world in 35 global markets.

He is also doubling down on South Florida, a market that he feels could soon rival his top earning areas.

The company recently opened a new office in Hollywood.

That office is managed by Kadeem Johnson and Kadeem Grant.

Both Johnson and Grant are Jamaicans who met Durovic while he was attending graduate school in Washington, D.C.

Both are also considered to be soon of the top spinners in the world.

Johnson is even a three time world sign spinning champion.

They have a world championship in Las Vegas every year.


This company fits right at home in South Florida.

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