North Miami Now Has Its Own Semi-Weekly Night Market. And It’s Pretty Chill

Night markets are common fare in other parts of the United States.

But for whatever reason, they haven’t caught on in South Florida until fairly recently. (And are pretty commercial as well.)

Now, North Miami has its own grassroots night market that will be sure to make the hippie in your family jump for organic joy.

Launched just last week (Nov. 3), the NoMi Night Market had around a dozen vendors show up and a steady flow of interested passersby.

Located near the intersection of NE 123rd St and NE 13th Ave, the night market sits on a space used during the day as the Urban Habitat Farm Store.

Organized by North Miami resident and political activist Lauren Hill, the event is meant to be a weekly happening.

But not yet.

“Our beautiful opening was just a taste of what a night market can be in North Miami,” NoMi Nigh Market posted on its Facebook page on Nov. 8. “Unfortunately, we opened pre-maturely and have some hiccups in opening on a weekly basis as we had intended. We will not be able to open this Friday as intended. We will keep you posted and be back in the market business very soon.”

So while you wait for another chance to visit the night market, you can take a look at what it was like on its opening night:

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