Fort Lauderdale Pizza Hut Won’t Deliver Pizzas To Black Neighborhood At Night

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-A Fort Lauderdale Pizza Hut has a policy to not deliver pizzas to the Sistrunk Boulevard community after 7 PM. 

-Sistrunk Boulevard has historically been an African-American community. 

– A Pizza Hut manager told the Miami New Times that it was a “corporate policy.”  

Ordering pizza while black isn’t easy in one area of South Florida.

At a Fort Lauderdale Pizza Hut located at 1239 S. Federal Hwy, there is a policy to not deliver to a predominantly African-American part of the city after 7 PM.

The discovery was made by locally based journalist Adam Weinstein while he was standing inside the restaurant picking up a pizza.

Weinstein, who is the senior editor of the popular Task&Purpose website snapped two photos of a large notice next to a map of their delivery area declaring “we don’t deliver to northwest (D-4) after 7PM.”

The notice, which refers to Fort Lauderdale’s Sistrunk Boulevard community, was clearly visible to customers.

The Miami New Times called the Pizza Hut and asked a manager for an expiation for the policy.

Photo Credit: Adam Weinstein/ Twitter

The manager said that it was a “corporate policy.”

As the Miami New Times points out, Pizza Hut has a history of not delivering to black neighborhoods in Florida.

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Cover Photo: Adam Weinstein/ Twitter

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