Miami’s Iconic Coppertone Girl Sign Finally Gets Her Head Back On Straight

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-The iconic Coppertone Girl sign that soars above Biscayne Boulevard in Miami’s MIMO neighborhood has been repaired. 

-The sign lost the top of her head during Hurricane Irma. 

-The sign is managed by the MIMO Biscayne Association. 


She’s back to normal folks.

Miami’s iconic Coppertone girl has been returned to her previous state after losing the top portion of her head in Hurricane Irma.

According to a post on the MIMO Biscayne Association’s Facebook page, the sign was fixed on Dec. 10 with a “literal face lift”.

A crew of workers hoisted a new head and shoulders and fastened it to the sign, which overlooks the parking lot of the Smiling Pets Animal Clinic (7310 Biscayne Blvd).

According to the group, the decision was made to replace the damaged panel with a new one crafted by Neon Sign Solutions.

The sign is one of the only remaining “Coppertone Cutie” installations left in the country.

It has been located at its current location since 2008.

How the sign looks after its “facelift”. 

The process of lifting the new upper portion of the sign in place.

How it looked after Hurricane Irma came through.

Photo Credits: MIMO Biscayne Association

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