North Miami’s Enchanted Place Is South Florida’s Best Kept Holiday Secret

What’s News With This Story: 

–Enchanted Place is one of South Florida’s most unique community traditions. 

-A group of around 30 houses on North Miami’s NE 137th Terrace go all out each December by putting up thousands of lights and holiday decorations. 

-Tens of thousands of people travel from around the area to drive down the street and take a picture with Santa Claus. 

-The tradition started in the late 1980s as a neighborly rivalry between Ken DiGenova and a few of his friends. It quickly grew to the entire street and has lasted 29 years. 

-DiGenova puts many of the lights up himself and he organizes the effort each year. 




If You Go: 

Location: 1600 NE 137th Terrace, North Miami

Time: Sunset to 11:00 PM

Cost: Free (Voluntary donations to a local charity are collected if you want to give) 

-Santa Claus will be on the street to take pictures every night until Christmas. 


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