$125,000 Gold Shark Sails Through Miami Streets

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A massive, 13 foot golden shark racing down Biscayne Boulevard on a recent afternoon was a bizarre sight, even judging by Miami standards.

-We followed it just to figure out where the heck the thing was going. 

-The journey took us to a series of renovated warehouses near the railroad tracks on NE 59th St in Miami. 

-We learned the shark was created by Miami artist Hamilton Aguiar

-The shark was installed at J. Steven Manolis’ gallery in Miami’s Lemon City section and it is for sale for a cool $125,000

-The shark is a spoof by Aguiar of the well known Damien Hirst piece, “The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Someone Living”

Aguiar on his inspiration: “I play with the opposite of the materials. So the [Hirst] shark was a real shark that rotted so I did the opposite. I did a handmade sculpture in gold leaf so it’s supposed to be eternal.” 

-Manolis moved to Miami after a career on Wall Street. 

-While climbing up the corporate ladder and becoming the youngest partner in Solomon Brothers history, Manolis also followed another calling-his love of art. 

-For over 35 years, he received one on one lessons from Wolf Kahn, one of the best known colorists in the world. 

-He opened his gallery in 2014 and he really loves Aguiar’s shark. “This is $125,000 and cheap at half the price,” Manolis said. 


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