FIU Cancels Meeting With North Miami Councilman So Lawyers Can Attend

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-A meeting between a North Miami City Councilman and a high ranking FIU official was canceled after the university requested that lawyers be present to prevent “misunderstandings” between the two sides. 

-Councilman Scott Galvin and FIU Vice President for Government Affairs Michelle Palacio planned to meet at Galvin’s work office in Overtown to discuss the Arch Creek East Environment Preserve situation. 

-Palacio canceled the meeting in a email to Galvin on late Tuesday night.

From Palacio’s email to Galvin:

“…you have stated publicly that you are exploring legal options against FIU. To avoid any further misunderstandings, I would like to postpone tomorrow’s meeting and ask that it be rescheduled to a future date, in City Hall, and that the City Manager, the City Attorney and an FIU attorney attend as well.  As always, we’ll be glad to meet with you and your fellow City officials.”

-Galvin said during a protest last Saturday that North Miami was actively at looking at legal remedies to stop FIU from building a road through the preserve.

North Miami Councilman Scott Galvin speaks to gathered protestors during an anti-FIU event on Saturday. Photo: RISE NEWS

-Galvin told RISE NEWS that he thought the meeting was going to be an informal way to air out differences between the city and FIU. Now, he doesn’t think the meeting will happen. 

Galvin also told RISE NEWS:

“…having attorneys present turns it into a deposition and ruins much chance for progress. Putting a caveat like that on a meeting probably means it won’t happen. Even our respective attorneys would likely advise we not attend it.”

-Galvin has been the most vocal city leader in opposition to FIU’s plan to reopen a road through the preserve. 

-FIU claims that the road, which will open a second entrance to their North Campus via 135th St, is needed for student safety. 

The city of North Miami has opposed the plan for years because they say it would damage the preserve.

FIU spokesperson Maydel Santana said that the university intends to meet with the appropriate North Miami city officials and “will reach out to the residents at the appropriate time.”


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